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You are probably here because you want to protect your investment, or because your insurance has requested you fit a tracker, or perhaps you are here because you want to know where your vessel is while on charter.

Whatever the reason welcome to the often confusing and sometimes dishonest world of GPS tracking. We want to assure you that BOATTRACK has been around for some fifteen years and is a genuine and honest website for all boating enthusiasts from weekend sailors to charter companies.

Some of our customer’s vessels at work and play

We have tried on these pages to give clear and unbiased information as to why we think with our twenty plus years experience in Marine Tracking, we can help you achieve your goal and much more! Please read the answers to questions displayed below to find out what you really need to know if you are not going to be disappointed with your purchase.

    Below are the 'key question' people frequently ask us:-.

  • Vessel Size: As you can see from a few of our customer's vessels displayed above, we cater for all types of vessels, Inflatables to Cruisers.
  • Marine Charts:  Unlike some tracking companies we give you access to 'Open Sea' Maps along with the normal Road and Satellite one.
  • Reliability: Our trackers are not cheap converted Car/Truck Automotive units, they are programmed specifically for marine use.
  • Cost: Unlike others you will find our prices displayed on these pages, including the cost of the equipment and all ongoing charges.
  • Other Charges: There are none! - No excess usage charge, No connection / disconnection charge, No roaming out your area surcharge.
  • Rib Insurance: The reports from our trackers can be used to demonstrate route speed and bearing if asked for by insurance companies.
  • Rib Privacy: If you operate commercially and want to switch off when using it privately, tell us when you order and we can offer an option.
  • Monitoring: You can see your vessel's location from anywhere with an internet connection, using a Smart Phone, PC or Tablet.
  • Apps: There is no need to purchase and download a never updated 'App' to use the system, our program works on any internet browser.
  • Reports: We offer instant playback of courses steered and time fixes, plus all the usual reports, stored for 3 months after the trip.
  • History: Voyage history can also be stored on your computer and when needed uploaded and replayed on the map indefinitely.
  • Security: Have peace of mind knowing where your boat is 24/7, plus options for entry alarm and Geo-fencing if required.
  • Easy Installation: Most competent people can easily fit the units themselves with the instructions supplied and our phone backup.
  • Coverage: Our system works on in excess of 2/3 of the world's land mass, and many miles off shore including all of Europe and the Med.
  • Out of Coverage: When you are very long way off shore, the unit will store each timed fix until back in range and then send immediately.
  • Commitment: Unlike many companies we will not tie you to a long contract, you are free to cancel with just one month notice.
  • Support: The majority of our customers use the system mostly at the weekend and so we operate a seven day a week support.
  • Discount: If you are a Charter Fleet Operator, Sailing Club, Marine Trader, or Charity ask about our discount structure.

Above are the key points most mariners are interested in. Elsewhere you can read about how we have been around GPS and AAT (Automatic Asset Tracking) for over twenty years (mostly in the emergency sector) and how fifteen years ago we formed Boat Track to stop fellow 'Weekend Sailors' getting 'ripped off'. You will also find technical details about our equipment, if that is your thing!

If you are one of those people who thinks all modern marine trackers are the same, you are not wrong! Recent ones (those in the modern quad band 850/900/1800/1900) certainly yes, but that’s not the point, the key thing is - how clever is the software loaded on to them and is it designed for the special requirements of sailors? Ours trackers certainly are.

Most importantly you will find a complete breakdown of all our charges and the reasons why we are a reliable alternative to companies that stop trading just after you pay a year up front (we ask for just a month and then set up monthly Standing Orders that you can cancel after the first month). If anything is not clear, or you cannot find exactly what it is you want, give us a call on 03333 447644 (+44 3333 447644 from abroad)

Important: If you really cannot afford one of our systems then buy a couple of bottles of wine and enjoy them instead! Please don’t be a mug and waste it on one of the many inferior system advertised on-line, that Microsoft, or Google will close down after a few weeks because the seller did not obtain a license for the maps, or where the system stops reporting because you have used up the months airtime credit the seller purchased a few days before you brought the unit.

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